E-Comm Case Study

Majestic Textile

Majestic Textile is a Textile Wholesaler in Chinamainland. The Client used to have their onlineshop in Alibaba. As Alibaba was taking a decent cut out of the transactions happening via their online portal, the client decided they had to lauch their own website with an International Reach. So Bytelabz Software Solutions was selected for that endeavour.

Bytelabz Had to design a Ecommerce website which will hold 1000s of products the client had and also had to do SEO Campaigns. Bytelabz Successfully turned up with a trendy design for the client and all their products were ported into the new solution. Bytelabz Also ran SEO campaigns which brought the client among the top 10.

The Site is built in Woocommerce Platform making it easy for the client to Edit and Add in contents of their own. The Design is Responsive making is easy to access the website and view the contents in any Device.

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