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The whole purpose of this application is to build a website which will allow Authors, story tellers, novelist etc to publish their talents in a public site for readers. The client wants Different types of Articles published in the community site, where people can go read them and share their comment. It basically allows authors to share the Articles to a group who are interested in Novels, Poems, short stories etc. The Users has options to publish their articles in 4 languages which is English, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu.
The project was divided into 3 modules: Visitors, Authors, and Admin.
Visitor module was built for a normal person who will be visiting the website and will of course be reading the materials in the website. They will not have to login to the website to do so. The Content will be free. He will be able to View the contents and Provide comments to the Articles, Poems, Novels etc in the website. They will be able to share these Articles to social media.
Author module is built in such a way that they have their own profiles in the website where they can login to add/edit/remove their creative articles. Also we have created facilities for receiving comments for those articles.
Admin module is built as the Super User of the System. Once an article is submitted, it will go live only after reviewing is made from the admin side. The admin will be able to add/edit/delete the users in the website.
Bytelabz uses the best match technology for all the requirements of the client. The technology we used for fulfilling all these requirements was PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework.

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