Why SSL Certificates is So Important to Every Website

We have seen many websites while searching through internet having both http and https. Https shows that the website is secure. Looking at the navigation bar at the top, we can see a padlock. This padlock will be seen green if it is a secure website. Otherwise it is an insecure website in which the data we transit through that website will be insecure and there may be a chance for the hackers to hack your personal details from it.


In order to avoid hacking your details especially personal details like bank account details,etc., we need to make the website secure. Security of a website from third party attack is only possible by purchasing SSL certificate. SSL stands for Security Sockets Layer. SSL is a standard form of making your website secure and safeguards sensitive details from getting stolen by a third party. SSL creates a security between two points in the internet. After adding SSL to your website, it establishes an encryption link between two systems. These systems can be either between client to server or server to server. The request transmitted over internet by the client is first encrypted using encryption algorithm and it transferred to the web server. The server decrypts the request and sends back the result after encrypting to the web browser. The decryption is made possible only at both ends. SSL provides high security for your data from third party, that, the data transmitted over internet from web browser to web server or vice versa cannot be read without decrypting. Thus SSL protects your data and website from being robbed by someone else since they may not be able to read the encrypted data.


SSL certificates contain mainly domain name and company name. There will also there an expiration date for all SSL certificates. When server reaches a request from the client, the web server will check for the validity of the certificate. That means it checks whether the SSL certificate has been expired or not. If it is not expired then it will check for the SSL certificate issuing authority. If it is a trusted authority, then it will check whether the certificate is used by the actual registered site. If yes, it will accept the request and encrypts the two systems. If the site was not registered by the SSL , or it is not issued by s trusted authority, then the web browser will show a warning making the user know that the website is not secure.


Establishment of SSL connection:


Step 1: The user searches for the site using the url as : https://example.com.  


Step 2: The server accepts the request and SSL handshake takes place. During this process the server will verify the SSL certificate validity.  


Step 3: Then if it is a valid certificate, it server allows the encryption between both server side and client side.

How to do A/B testing in Instagram and social media

Instagram provides effort in testing the photos or videos which is shared in the public using A/B testing method.

Facebook prints some glorious information for native mobile applications while testing using A/B testing tool. A/B testing technique is almost similar in Facebook and Instagram. The similarities within the structure and execution of A/B test is similar in the case for Facebook and Instagram. But LinkedIn is having a slight difference from Facebook and Instagram testing technique. LinkedIn prints some nice info by itself using XLNT, A/B testing strategy is used to develop their UI.

When Instagram and Snap chat stories came out earlier this week I was ready to hate it. Being the direct copy of Instagram Stories, I thought it would be DOA. But after having a wild research on this, I came to understand that Instagram executes perfectly on the product and it could have some serious legs. That doesn’t necessarily mean Snapchat is in trouble or not good. But I’d like to think competition breeds greatness and Snapchat now has more of a reason to try harder. Not a bad thing.

I‘ve seen a crowd of people talking on social media about which “Stories” their brand should use — and I’m here to tell you that there is really a simple hack method to run the same photo or video on Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories. A test can be done by creating your own A/B test Instagram to see which one gets more viewership.


Principles of ad optimization in Instagram and Facebook using A/B testing:

    • A/B testing works with entire audience. Here segmentation is possible.
    • It measures the campaign element. A/B testing compares the CTR of audiences of a platform and display alternative creations to the same audience
    • Test everything: different demographic targeting, buying type, placements, and bids
    • Uses multiple versions of ad sets: different sets of creations per mobile, desktops and alternative CTAs
    • Use your CRM data for optimization: re-target users and advertise for lookalike audiences


  • Optimize ads and ad sets: increases and relocate budget depending on performance



Steps for performing A/B testing:

Step 1: Snap chat is the best way to capture video or photo. For this, first of all, you need to add it into your Snap chat story. There is no problem if you have not added it yet. You can also do this by uploading the image or video with an annoying white background.


Step 2: Even though it is a photo or a video, make sure that it is saved in Snap chat first. Then you can export it to your personnel phone.


Step 3: First thing you have to do is, open the Instagram. Then click + button to add your story. Swipe down and you will be able to post photos and videos natively.

The same photos or videos which was uploaded in Snap chat stories have to be uploaded in voila also. Now you can compare and check the performance of both platforms.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Article Submission In Seo

Advantages of Article Posting


Article posting refers to writing of articles that are relevant for your business and then getting them added to the popular article posting directories.

The main purpose behind article posting is attracting a large number of visitors to your website without incurring must cost.It is very important to make sure that the articles you submit is relevant to your business.There are various advantages of article posting including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the internet. Some of the advantages of article posting is as follows:


  • Increases traffic to your site: Article posting is one of the top SEO tools helpful in building traffic to your business site. When you write an article about your business and submit it to an article directory, then you are sure to attract traffic to your site over time. By submitting quality articles on a regular basis, you can increase traffic to your site, and keep it coming.


  • Provides exposure to your business over the Internet: No business can flourish without finding potential customers, and it needs exposure among the masses to get noticed. Articles on article directories will surely allow you to gain a lot of exposure among your targeted audience. You can submit your articles to several article directories, blogs, forums, social networking sites and other mediums, all of which will help in gaining a lot of exposure for your business.


  • Serves as a form of viral marketing: If your article is an informative, good quality one, your readers are likely to share it with other people. Some site owners may also like your article and use it on their own website. Thus, SEO activity serve as a form of viral marketing, thus increasing your accessibility and exposure.


  • Increases your profits: Every business owner wants to make money, and this can be quickly done by increasing traffic to your site. With top SEO activities like article submissions, this goal can be easily and quickly achieved. With increasing traffic to your site, your profits are sure to increase significantly.


  • Builds back links to your website: Backlinks are important to get free traffic to your site from search engines. More articles submitted means more backlinks built to your site. Search engine spiders will eventually notice these, and start placing your website on top of their SERPs.

Disadvantages Article Submission

The only drawback of article posting is that you need to find a writer who can create excellent quality write ups for you. Low quality articles, with lots of mistakes, will only create a negative impression about your company. By reading your articles with errors, your readers will only get an impression that you are ignorant about your business, and you have no knowledge of what you are doing. If there are factual errors in the articles, your customers will think that you have wrong knowledge about the product or service you are offering, and they will seldom come to you for purchase. So, by submitting high quality articles over the Internet, you can become a smart business owner, and increase your profits manifolds.