How Good is Wix , Weeble or Squarespace?

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Lately we see ads about a lot of free website building sites or companies, To name a few they are Wix, Weeble and Squarespace. I must say they have got quiet popular. Well how wouldnt want a free website especially when you can get it done in a few steps using the premade templates these Services offer.

But the sour truth we need to understand is that, nothing comes free. How do you imagine these websites make money. How can they exist without charging you? So lets understand the hard facts, What you receive for free will be a very simple version of what they offer. They just use the word free to navigate you to their website and make you understand their service.

The next bitter truth is the using such sites will not build any organic backlinks for your website or bring organic traffic. Well we all build websites so that they show up in Search engines when a target customer searches for a business.

The Next big issue is that when we subscribe for such services, we are just using templates that they have in their store not a custom design, nor do they offer custom designs. And the other thing is that once you spend money or their service , I mean for the advanced options, and then you go on and one day you want out. Let me tell you its not possible. You will not be able to migrate your site to a different provider. You’re stuck with them for the rest of your websites life.

Conclusion: Don’t waste your time and money subcribing for such services where you’ll have your business placed on, online presence in today’s business world is a requirement but you need the right one in order to be able to compete and grow on it’s basis, don’t make the mistake so many has already made believing on ad campaigns directed to all of us and representing the wrong message. Finding the right web design company is not always an easy path but still it is the right choice and the only one that can bring you what you really need without complications.

Best of the lucks in you online endeavor and avoid free website builders companies always!

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