Optimize Your Website Source Code For Seo

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When your are going design a website and its source code For Seo, it should be made SEO friendly website to make it rank high in search engine results. Here are some ways to make your website source code For Seo noticeable and welcoming.

Title Tag

The title tag For Seo constitutes the most important element of a web page. You can access title tag For Seo of a webpage in the source code if you do a ‘Control + U’ on a page or by clicking the mouse and view page source. The website pages are bounded by title tags. Google decides what is going to be in search engine results according to the title tag content in you website. Therefore make sure you only have one unique title tag per website pages. Google check the content of your title tag into the search engine. Therefore it is really important to develop the perfect title tag so people will click on the link and content gets readable. Avoid cloaking  and sutfing the keyword in the title tag with keywords; incorporate the keywords that come naturally. You can also describe what the page is about but write it like an advertisement in a brochure, brief and crisp.

Meta Description

The next element to address in the web source code For Seo development is Meta Description. You will only use one Meta Description and it is the source code that comes in the head of a web page. As the name suggests this contains the description of the page with im 160 characters. You can include the details you missed out in title tag here and can elaborate on what the web page is about. Many developers are try to skip this step and they resort to replicating the home page Meta description content on every page. Though by duplication the search rankings are not getting affected the website you will be missing your chance at taking advantage of free advertising and high rank in google.

H1 Heading Tag

Heading tag For Seo is the main heading that comes on every web page and another piece of essential source code that you require dor For Seo. Heading’s role is to invite people to the content and to convince them to stay till the last full stop of it. A heading tag For Seo should intrigue people and make them devouring for more information about the pages. Some people just use the title tag and some just summarize the content in a sentence. Think out of the box and craft something that makes more sense, something which is more engaging, and more specific for that page is about.

Image Alt Tags

Use of imagery in a webpage makes it more content rich for seo, after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Images also have a great role in attracting the web browsers to your web page content and it strengthens the message . The alt & title attributes of any image are normally mentioned as alt tag or alt text which should add our keyword in alt. The alt name on the images explains the content of the image and the relevance and function of it in the webpage . Alt tags names are highly employed in webpages and they are extremely important, especially in E-commerce For Seo websites. If you search for a product and you get an image that is used as a button to buy that product and an alt text saying ‘click here to buy the product. You will be directed to the website selling that product when you click it.

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