Secure and protect your website from hackers.

Website Security

Do you ever think about the security of your website?? Is it secure now?? If someone hacks your website what will you do?? Many of the website owners don’t know their website is secure, or even understand the importance of securing their website. The number of Hackers is increasing in day by day. They can easily hack your website. You might now be wondering what this has to do with your innocuous little blog or website. Hackers may want to destroy all your records in the site, put a sick message on your client screens or just destroy your reputation.

There are things that you can do to secure your website!!!

Update All Softwares
if you want to secure your website then update your site as soon as a new plugin or content management system with the latest patches and definitions. Make sure that you run these updates and have the new version supporting your website.

Use Strong Password
Use strong passwords to your server and website admin area. Make sure your password is a combination of alphanumeric characters, symbols, upper and lower case characters and is at least 12 characters. Do not use the same password for all your different website logins. Change your passwords regularly to keep them more secure.

Always Backup Your Website
Regularly backup your website and keep it in a secure place. If you don’t back up your website, all of your content could be lost as a result of one successful attack.

Use a Secure Host
Make sure you use a reputable hosting service. Most of the hosting provider frees you from much of the website security risk burden, as they would take care of the website security for the web server.

Ensure Https Security
Must use Https for your entire website. Https is a protocol used to provide security over the Internet. Https appears in the URL when a website is secured by an SSL certificate.

While these tips alone will not guarantee that your website is never hacked. Hopefully, these tips will help keep your website and information safe.

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