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All businesses can now apply for a Twitter professional profile, which gives them access to special features. Following a small test group, Twitter is now accepting applications for professional profiles from any company that is interested.

Professional profiles, which were introduced in April, transform a basic profile into a more business-focused one. For the past six months, a small group of firms in the United States has been testing Twitter’s new profile option.

It’s now ready for a wider release.

Businesses had to be invited by Twitter to gain access to a professional profile previously. If a company wants to upgrade, it may now fill out an application form on Twitter. Businesses will be accepted if they meet a set of fundamental qualifying requirements.

Here’s all you need to know about Twitter’s professional profiles, including what you can do with them and how to get one.

What is a Twitter Professional Profile?

Professional profiles are a free upgrade to regular profiles that are accessible to individuals with professional accounts as an option. A professional profile can be used to present information that isn’t available on a standard profile.

On their updated profile page, businesses, publishers, developers, and creators can display the following information:

Business Location: Displayed visibly on a small map and listed directly in the profile. People can access Google Maps and receive directions by tapping on the location map/listing.

Hours of operation: Showcase the days and times when customers can visit your company’s physical location.

Contact information: Allow clients to reach out to your company using any or all of the following methods:

        1. Make a call

       2. Message sent through text

       3. Twitter Email Direct Message

Furthermore, organizations with a professional profile have access to advanced capabilities that aren’t available to those with a normal profile.
Twitter is still working on implementing those functionalities. Today, there are a few things that can be added to a professional profile:

  • Module for newsletters: Include a subscription button in your profile to allow users to sign up for a mailing list instantly.
  • Shop module: Displays a carousel of products at the top of the profile page for your business.

Who Is Eligible for a Twitter Professional Profile?

You must first have a professional Twitter account to be eligible for a professional profile.

By selecting “Switch to Professional” from the settings screen, a normal account can be changed into a professional account.

The rest of the steps will be guided by Twitter from there.

Other Criteria for Eligibility

Your company must also meet the following conditions in addition to having a professional account:

  • Have a physical place where clients or consumers can come to do business with you.
  • Use Twitter in English and be based in the United States.

If those requirements are completed, you can proceed to fill out an application form.

Note that any business can apply, but Twitter will review each one to ensure that it meets the requirements.

How to Create a Twitter Professional Profile

To validate their eligibility for a professional profile, businesses must fill out a quick form.

The form requests your company’s name, address, contact information, and operating hours.

Following the submission of your application, Twitter will contact you via email to confirm or deny your eligibility.

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