How page speed affect seo and website ranking?

website page speed and seo

It’s all about the user experience at Google. If you spend a lot of money, time, and effort curating and creating content for your website and designing it elegantly, it will be worth it. Then it’s critical that you have a well-thought-out SEO and ranking strategy.

How Does Your Website’s Speed Affect Its Ranking?

The minimal duration of any user’s patience, according to Google, is believed to be 2.5 seconds. As a result, if your website’s speed isn’t improved, your bouncing rate will rise. When it comes to search engine optimization and conversion rates, speed is a critical factor. Even if your website has a slow loading problem, resolving it is not difficult. The difficult part is determining the exact location of the obstruction.

The issue might be caused by heavy components, high-resolution photos, improper code, and so on. You must identify the issue and resolve it as promptly as feasible. You may use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine your website’s score, and if your score is 100 percent, you are safe and your website performance is definitely fast.

Faster site loads result in reduced bounce rates, whereas slower site loads result in higher bounce rates.

As a result, if you want to rank better on Google’s search engine, you must prioritize website speed.

If your website loads quickly, you may be able to rank in the top ten results on the Google search engine. We all know that the first ten websites receive the most traffic.

The websites that appear in the top 10 search results have the fastest loading times. And according to a study, websites that have the fastest loading speeds score in the top 10 on the Google search engine.

According to studies, the chance of bouncing rates in the first 3 seconds is 46% in the next 5-6 seconds, the bouncing rate is 90-106 percent; and in the next 8-10 seconds, the bouncing rate is over 130 percent.

According to Google, the expected time it takes to persuade a person to surf or stay on your site is 2.5 seconds.

However, if you can get your website to load in less than 2 seconds, you’ll suddenly quadruple your traffic and earnings!

High-resolution pictures and bad code are the most common reasons for slow website performance.

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