Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for seo ranking?

Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for seo ranking?

While we work for our clients or for our websites itself, we may have to create big, wonky contented pages. Actually this seems to be ugly for the user and the user may not try to read or go through the page if it seems to be wonky. So for this the designers introduce accordions, tabs and drop down boxes.

Accordions, Tabs, and Dropdowns are the ones which designers prefer to make wonky texts looks good in the pages. Those texts will be arranged within accordions, tabs, and drop down boxes.

During past years, the overloaded information inside a particular page is arranged inside an accordion, or tabs, or drop downs. The main goal of accordions, tabs, or drop downs creates better user experience through switching of contents according to the clicks, etc. But since hiding of content takes place here, there is a chance of damaging your search results. There are many ways to arrange the overloaded content in a good looking and clean way. But these contents will be considered as hidden in the search results by Google.Over the past few years, Google has not been giving full value to pages that uses tabbed content.

What Does Google Say About Accordions or Tabbed Content SEO?

In Feb 2015, the google has introduced a new updated based on these type of content Google publically stated they are ignoring hidden/accordion/tabbed content when determining search rankings. In Google’s eyes, “hidden” content was considered unimportant or secondary, and therefore, not worthy of indexing or attributing value . the google will consider these hidden content as the blackhat seo method so they will indirectly affect the seo ranking back ago.. The folks at Google stated pretty clearly that if you wanted content indexed, you better make sure it’s visible to users when the page loads.

“It seems Google has slightly altered their stance since last year’s statement, and will typically index accordion/tabbed content… but it will be treated differently and demoted in value.”

Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for seo ranking?

Google considers these contents as invisible content. The algorithm considers the hiding content will be deceitful to the users.Later they loosened the reins, and even though, the Google gives less importance to the un-tabbed content, since those were hidden under tabs. Later, at last, google supported a better mobile friendly update that has been designed to value a better mobile user experience in a clean and easily understandable manner. Google now gives the same priority for the contents hidden behind tabs with contents which are un-tabbed.

What does this mean Hidden Content in Accordions for Seo Ranking?

It means tabbed content or Content in Accordions is now acceptable on mobile AND desktop. It also means tabbed content will not hurt your SEO ranking in the google search result; In fact, tabbed content will now be indexed equally and given fair SEO value in the search engines .

This blog does not mean that only tabbed content is necessary for better SEO results. This is to make you understand that tabbed content will not affect SEO negatively.Give us a call today and be connected with our  Web Design  Trivandrum.

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