Tips for Successful Keyword Research and Content Localization

It’s important to integrate localization, SEO, and content production into a unified process.

Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Content Localization is equally as important as SEO. Because having your content translated and localized especially for your target market makes it much easier for that audience to locate it in organic search results. When visitors arrive on the website, localization aids their understanding of your products and services, as well as the activities you want them to do. The poorly translated content is more likely to struggle for organic search results exposure.

It’s Important to Use the Correct Word. The initial step in any localization effort should always be to do local keyword research.
Using the correct term throughout the localization process can help you connect with the local audience more effectively, which will have an influence on your company’s performance in those markets. The “correct” term isn’t always the one with the most search traffic. It simply implies that it is the most often used word in the local market among the target audience for the industry in which your company operates.

1. Develop a localization strategy that includes keyword research and SEO.
While SEO should not be the responsibility of translators or content editors, having a basic grasp of SEO makes it simpler to build successful local sites.
Create rules for them to follow in terms of SEO.

2. Always keep an eye on your website’s performance.
After you’ve launched the local site, keep an eye on its performance. As soon as you see a problem, solve it right away.
Examine the content optimization if the pages aren’t ranking well. Review the translation/message and user experience points if the pages rank highly but don’t receive much traffic or conversions.

3. Speak with the local team and contact points
Find out whether the local team and other contact points, such as sales reps, have observed many changes in the local interests through continuing communication. Inquire if any of the site’s material needs to be updated or altered. They may have seen recent actions of local competitors.
Encourage them to offer comments that will aid in the expansion of their market’s business.

Integrating localization, SEO, and content development into a coordinated process is important. The sooner this happens, the better your efficiency and performance will be.

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