Webdesign 2020: New trends for passionate web designers

web design trends 2020

How to get the user’s attention on our website? What’s the secret behinds it? Did you ever think about it?

Webdesign trends changing rapidly. If we don’t change with new trends we can’t stand in this competitive world. Experienced and passionate web designers keeping on their research for best web design topics, and finding new trends in the tech world. Let us know the updated web design trends and tactics that hit in 2020.

Most incredible web design trends in 2020

Responsive Webdesign

This is one of the evergreen web design trends. Past few years we discussed the same topic, still, now there is no change in this everlasting technique. Responsiveness is the beauty and soul of the website. If the website is not responsive then its credibility will be lost in the first look. This is the most popular web design topic that is widely discussed in the tech world. Responsive Web design is the ability to adjust a website to any device. Webdesign and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

A responsive website should adjust in any device may it be a desktop or a laptop or an iPod or a tablet or mobile screen. In this 5G era with the increased availability of Wi-Fii even in the rural areas so it has become a common feature.


Another trendy thing is minimalism, less is the art. It is a popular and widely used modern design approach. In simple words, minimalism means designing the interface by removing unnecessary elements. Minimalism is going to stay trendy for a while. Some benefits of a minimalistic website are it easy to make responsive, minimalist websites load faster, they allow users to concentrate all their attention on the product or service you sell, it makes navigation intuitive.

There are a few key practices that can help you create stunning minimalist websites and applications.

-Use whitespace, or negative space it improves the user experience and adds balance to a design

-Implementing bright colors are certainly funny. But too much color and background kill the beauty of a website. So use it well.

-Avoid complex animations, sharp transitions between content blocks and funky fonts.

Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect is more popular among the website owners and designers. In this modern web design trend where the background content is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. This parallax scrolling method provides a visual treat for users when used minimally and its irritate when used maximum.

Infinite Scrolling

Facebook or Twitter feeds are the main examples of infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling is a web-design technique that updated content and keeps on loading continuously while the user scrolls down the page. It eliminating the need for pagination. This may be helpful for an e-commerce site but it’s not good for an informative website.


Font management is a very important topic for the entire success of a website. Typography gives the life of letters. It makes the written language more legible and readable. Some fonts are cool and clean like “Raleway” they inspire people to read.

Ultra-modern black mode

One of the most requested themes over the past few years is the dark theme. Even Apple and Google made a black theme is an essential part of their UI. Still, now many web designers are fear to adapt these black themes they think it’s not good for a website. But actually it is not so. Dark colors give a very creative, elegant, professional and stunning look.

3D elements

Minimal use of 3D elements makes the website more attractive and memorable.3D effect is the inevitable part of web design in modern days. It creates a feeling of depth on the website. This year we will be seeing many 3D web designs static, animated and interactive. Web designers love to use interactive 3D effects also visitors are like to stay more time on the website.

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